Bremen can be easily reached by train and has its own airport. Alternatively, the train from Hamburg airport to Bremen takes 1.5 hours. If you book a flight connection via Amsterdam or Frankfurt, make sure you leave enough time for the connection to Bremen or Hamburg.

All plenary talks will take place in the HS / "Keksdose" ("biscuit tin") building located on the university campus. An easy way to get there from the airport or the train station (platform E in front of the station building) is to take tram 6 to the penultimate stop ‘Bremen Universität / Zentralbereich’. The tram takes 30 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the station. Tickets can be bought inside the tram (there is at least one ticket machine that accepts cash in every tram).

When you arrive at the stop ‘Bremen Universität / Zentralbereich’, you will see a pedestrian overpass (‘Boulevard’) above your head. Go up the stairs towards the glass building and follow the pedestrian overpass until you spot the "fake bikers" art installation in front of the HS / "Keksdose" building. We will make sure to put up some signs to help you find your way. If you use Google Maps, try "Keksdose Bremen".

In addition to tram 6, the following buses stop at ‘Bremen Universität / Zentralbereich’: 21, 22, 28, 31. Further connections can be found on the BSAG website or in the VBN app. The names of the important stops are: airport = ‘Bremen Flughafen’, train station = ‘Bremen Hbf’, EuroCIM venue = ‘Bremen Universität / Zentralbereich’.

Stops close to Emma am See, where the dinner takes place, are ‘Bremen Crüsemannallee’ (tram 8, bus 22), `Bremen H.-H.-Meier-Allee´ (tram 6, bus 22) and ‘Bremen Am Stern’ (trams 6 and 8, bus 24). From there the restaurant can be reached after a short walk (1-2 km) through the park, or you can walk directly from the university (about 3 km).


 HS / "Keksdose" building:


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