We are pleased to host the second European Causal Inference Meeting (EuroCIM), which will take place from Wednesday 27 to Friday 29 March 2019 in Bremen, Germany. Pre-conference courses will be held on Tuesday 26 March.

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The general theme of the meeting is “Causal Inference in Health, Economic and Social Sciences”. Causal inference is broadly defined, and the focus is on statistical methodology and challenging applications that highlight necessary methodological extensions. EuroCIM aims to

  • provide a forum for people interested in causal inference to meet informally,
  • for early career and established researchers to present and discuss the latest developments in the field,
  • and to offer opportunities for networking to develop future research opportunities and collaborations.

EuroCIM evolved from what used to be the “UK Causal Inference Meetings” (UK-CIM), with the first of five UK-CIMs taking place in 2013 in Manchester. The first European version was held in Florence in 2018. Please note that registration for the meeting is not restricted to people from Europe, and we welcome participation from anyone who would like to attend.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Bremen!

Your local organising committee

Vanessa Didelez (BIPS & University of Bremen)

Werner Brannath (KKSB & University of Bremen)

Janine Witte (BIPS)

Regine Albrecht (BIPS administration)